From Freddie Gray to Carmelo Anthony, we know there’s a two-way street home.

Black NBA stars have always been agents of social change; however, it has been awhile since we have seen a generation of athletes this outspoken. Maybe it’s the power of social media where one tweet or instagram post reaches millions of fans in a matter of minutes. When it comes to their voice, NBA players have been the loudest. Despite sharing a similar makeup to the NFL, the NBA has become a league full of superheroes who are unapologetically black.

“There are two boys from Baltimore. Both were raised on the city’s west side. Both grew up poor. Both are black.

One boy’s mother was addicted to heroin. She couldn’t read. When the boy was young, he developed harmful lead levels in his blood, a condition shared by many low-income Baltimoreans exposed to the toxic substance in housing structures before lead-based paint was regulated. Exposure to lead can cause a variety of medical and psychological problems. The boy fell behind in school. He racked up more than a dozen arrests and several convictions, mostly on drug charges.”

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