Meet the last black man in San Francisco.

Increased wealth and unfair housing laws have led to the drastic displacement of blacks and Latinos in the Bay Area. This profile of San Francisco native, Jimmie Fails, puts a human face to this displacement. Read this story about “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and a get a unique glimpse into San Francisco’s remaining black community. Also, watch this six-minute video of a youth describing what it was like to be kicked out of his home neighborhood: San Francisco’s Mission District. What’s happening in the Bay really resonates with us because all too often, people of color have been forcibly removed from their homes (e.g., our sisters and brothers who were removed from their homes in the Dominican Republic, who were sold during the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, and who died on the Trail of Tears).

“When I was growing up in San Francisco in the 90s and early 2000s, the streets east of Mission Street were intimidating to walk down. There was a gang presence, a notorious high-rise housing project on Army Street, and scores of homeless people sleeping by the dirt-pocked field at Garfield Park.”

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