The fight for humanity: From Marsha P. Johnson to Freddie Gray.

In many ways, society seems to forget the anti-racist and anti-state violence origins of Pride celebrations. While many strides have been made towards LGBTQ rights, black LGBTQ youth are some of the most at-risk of experiencing police brutality and being targeted for violence. This short article connects the Stonewall riots to the recent protests in Baltimore and explains that sometimes we have no choice but to rise up.

“On the afternoon of the day the Baltimore riots began, I was shaking hands with Jim Obergefell, the lead plaintiff in the U.S. Supreme Court case that many believe will make same-sex marriage legal across the nation. Wearing a crisp, pressed blazer and nervously fluttering around a house in Georgetown, Obergefell was every bit the reluctant hero the media described: humble, timid, and gracious to a fault.”

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