Angela Bassett Creates Skin Care Line for Darker-Toned Black Women

June 24, 2016

In the skin care industry, few products are created for darker-toned Black women. In an effort to have skin care products that serve darker-toned Black women, Angela Bassett created a five-item product that reduces inflammations, evens tones, minimizes pores, and minimizes hyperpigmentation.

Sounds like a winner! Having dealt with her fair share of skin issues in the past, Bassett decided to do something. 

“I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion.”

Here at PushBlack, we fully support Black entrepreneurship that solves problems facing our community. We’re sending a major congratulations to Angela Bassett for joining the ranks of Bevel, Essence Beauty Box, and other black-owned companies that address our needs when it comes to skin care.

(Via Huffington Post)