Third Officer in Fredde Gray Case Found Not Guilty

June 24, 2016

It’s happened again.

Yesterday morning, yet another police officer goes free after the death of black person. In Baltimore, the third officer in the Freddie Gray Case – Caeser Goodson – was not convicted of second-degree depraved murder.

Officer Goodson was the infamous driver of the paddy wagon in which Freddie Gray was injured. The court also cleared of him multiple other charges including assault, misconduct in office, reckless endangerment, and more.

“State prosecutors rested their case on the argument that Goodson was negligent, stating he failed to secure Gray with a seatbelt, was unresponsive to Gray’s requests for medical attention, and drove recklessly, ultimately causing Gray’s fatal spinal injury.”

Here at PushBlack, we are deeply saddened with this verdict and we are reminded that we must always PushBlack against police brutality.

With four more trials on the horizon related to this case, we’ll be keeping a close watch on each court decision and make sure you’re updated.

(Via News One)