One Year Later, We Remember the Death of Sandra Bland

Today is the one year anniversary of Sandra Bland’s death. Sandra embodied what it meant to tell her truth. She was a social justice advocate and she regularly posted videos speaking about issues such as police brutality.

“If we want change, we can truly make it happen”
-Sandra Bland

The death of Sandra Bland also reminds us that we must be just as outraged when Black women and Black LGBTQIA folks die by the hands of the police just as we are outraged when Black cisgender heterosexual men die. While many people around the nation have been powerfully protesting the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, many Black women have died in similar fashion yet the outrage has not always been the same.

It is important for our community to be in solidarity with each and every member. As our ancestor Fannie Lou Hamer said, “nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” At PushBlack, we believe all of our oppressions are deeply interlinked and we must value all Black lives.

With that said, we invite all of our subscribers to sign the Movement for Black Lives pledge.

With love,

The PushBlack family