[08.05.16] PushBlack Now

1. Black Student Union at UC Berkeley Secures Resource Center For Black Students. [Afrikan Black Coalition]

In March 2015, the Black Student Union at UC Berkeley made 10 demands to their Chancellor to systematically improve the conditions of black students on campus. One of them included a black student resource center.

“WE DEMAND the creation of an African-American Student Development Resource Center, to be named the Fannie Lou Hamer Resource Center, with a designated office space as well as space for hosting events, at a central campus location. This center is to be under the purview of the African-American Student Development Office.”

A press release by the Black Student Union announced that their efforts were successful and in Fall 2016, the Fannie Lou Hamer Resource Center will be opening at UC Berkeley.

PushBlack salutes the black student movement that is making the conditions for black students on campus more hospitable

Read here: http://bit.ly/2aXPTaV

2. Black Entrepreneurs Can Power the Economy. [via Fortune]

In the past 30 years, business creation in the United States has been at an all time low. However, when one looks at business creation by race, it reveals that black business owners are creating businesses at higher rates than the rest of America.
“More recently, Babson College’s Global Entrepreneurship Monitor, released in July, found black business owners are creating businesses at a higher rate than their white counterparts and other minorities.”

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3. Korryn Gaines’s Son Kodi Gaines Recalls Mother’s Death. [via Blavity]

A series of Instagram videos reveal Kodi Gaines giving a different account of the shooting than what was provided by the police.

“The police kicked the door down, and then my mom — I was hiding, I was hiding in the closet and then my mother — I was hiding in the closet and then Korryn was hiding in the door.”

The Gaines family is in our thoughts during this difficult time. If you wish to help the family in a monetary way click here.

        Read here: http://bit.ly/2axsvAC