Department of Justice Report Shows Baltimore Officers Committed Civil Rights Violations

A detailed 163-page report by the Department of Justice (DOJ) revealed that Baltimore Police Department has committed widespread civil rights violations.

According to the DOJ report, there were 4 major constitutional violations in Baltimore’s police department:

  1. Making unconstitutional stops, searches, and arrests.
  2. Using enforcement strategies that produce severe and unjustified disparities in the rates of stops, searches, and arrests of African Americans.
  3. Using excessive force.
  4. Retaliating against people engaging in constitutionally-protected expression.

Another alarming fact from the DOJ report was that officers were engaging in sex in exchange for providing victims immunity.

“some officers target members of a vulnerable population—people involved in the sex trade—to coerce sexual favors from them in exchange for avoiding arrest, or for cash or narcotics.”

This is a deeply sickening report to read, and we hope that drastic changes are made at the Baltimore Police Department and police departments throughout the country.

 Via Atlanta Black Star