[08.12.16] PushBlack Now

1. Somali-American Woman Clinches Historic Primary Win in Minnesota. [via Blavity]

Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American woman, made history by winning the primary election in Minneapolis House District 60B. She won the victory over Representative Kahn who has been in office for 44 years.

“If Omar wins the general election in November, she’ll be the first Somali-American State Representative and the first Somali-American woman in the Minnesota legislature.”

Omar’s campaign platform is focused on economic, social, racial, and environmental justice.

Read here: http://bit.ly/2aPBuyd

2. LAPD Murders Innocent Black Man During SWAT Raid. [via BET]

Last month, the Los Angeles Police Department mistook Donnell Thompson, a man with mental illness, as a suspect for a car robbery and ended up killing him.

“Thompson had the mental capacity of someone at least 10 years younger than him. He attended classes for individuals with mental disabilities at El Camino College.”

After killing him, the LAPD continued to claim that Thompson was involved with the crime, however, it was just announced that he had no involvement at all.

“The result is that we have an unarmed individual, who had committed no crime, who once again has been the victim of a law enforcement homicide,”
-Attorney Dunn, representative of the Thompson family

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3. Department of Justice Report Shows Baltimore Officers Committed Civil Rights Violations. [via PushBlack]

Read here: http://bit.ly/2blXrXd