Black Male Nonprofit Deposits $1 Million in Nations Largest Black Bank

BMe Community is a Black male led nonprofit that is committed to uplifting the Black community. The nonprofit has moved $1 million into 1st United Bank, which is the largest Black bank in the U.S.

“There’s this myth that black people are not financial, so I think a lot of people avoid black banks, or they are afraid of black banks, or they don’t even think about black banks, so they just don’t connect the dots that the black bank is the one that is most likely to loan in your community; it’s the one that is most likely to provide some sort of literacy programs for financial education.”

-BMe CEO Trabian Shorters

1st United Bank and BMe have also committed to supporting financial literacy programs and other projects.

As a Black owned nonprofit, we are happy to see different Black businesses working together and collaborating.

Via Essence