Nationwide Support Group Launches to Support Women Raising Black Boys

A support group called Moms of Black Boys United (MOBB United) has launched in order to provide support to women raising Black sons. Depelsha McGruder, a mother of two Black boys, started the group on Facebook after the police killings of Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.

“If you’re a mother of a Black son, whether it’s a boy or a man, you live with never-ending, daily fear of what might happen to them when they go out into society.”

-Depelsha McGruder

MOBB United is not just a support group. It also seeks to promote policy change through a 5-point platform.

  1. Influence policy
  2. Change perception
  3. Demonstrate our power
  4. Partner strategically
  5. Promote self-care

PushBlack salutes MOBB United for supporting women raising Black sons as well as their efforts to influence policy change.

Via Atlanta Black Star