Activists Request Anti-Censorship Policy From Facebook Following the Killing of Korryn Gaines

Korryn Gaines was killed by Baltimore Police earlier this month, and during the altercation she began Facebook livestreaming what was occurring. However, Baltimore police requested Facebook to deactivate her account.

“We did in fact reach out to social media authorities to deactivate her account, to take it offline, if you will.”

-Baltimore County Police Chief James Johnson.

Activists were not happy with Facebook’s decision to deactivate her account and penned a letter requesting that Facebook creates an anti-censorship policy that “honors Black lives”.

“Facebook broadcasting is one of the most powerful tools in the world for documenting police brutality and raising awareness of the scale and systemic nature of police misconduct,” they wrote. “If your company agrees to censor people’s accounts at the request of police — thereby allowing the police to control what the public sees on Facebook — then it is part of the problem.”

-Letter from Activists

PushBlack stands in solidarity with activists in their request that Facebook implements an anti-censorship policy that honors Black lives.