Why Black Men Are Quitting Teaching

Only 2% of teachers are Black men, yet they have been quitting shortly after becoming teachers. There have been arguments made that the reason why Black boys are not succeeding in the classroom is due to a lack of Black male teachers, however, that claim is false.

“Schools are failing black male students, and it’s not because of the race of their teachers. These students are often struggling with the adverse effects of poverty, the inequitable distribution of resources across communities and the criminalization of black men inside and outside of schools.”

-Christopher Emdin

Black men are quitting because they are being forced to become the disciplinarians and enact “tough love.”

“Black male educators I work with have described their primary job as keeping black students passive and quiet, and suspending them when they commit infractions.”

-Christopher Emdin

However, when Black male teachers realize the harmful effects of this “tough love,” they often leave the field of teaching.

“I can’t look those black boys in the face and make them feel like I felt in school anymore. I have to quit.”

-Jordan Matthews

Via New York Times