Dwight Howard is Providing Educational Resources to Schoolgirls in Tanzania

Dwight Howard is much more than just a basketball player. He is also a philanthropist who empowers youth through his D12 foundation. Howard was inspired to help Tanzanian schoolgirls when he learned about the struggles they face.

“One of the things that I was told was that it’s very hard for women to go to school, and when they do there’s a danger of them being raped or kidnapped and all sorts of things happening with them getting to school.”

-Dwight Howard

Through his foundation, Howard has been empowering Tanzanian school girls by providing them educational resources that will help them succeed. This is all a part of Howard’s goal to improve children’s education and literacy.

“A basketball career for me is great, but there’s a time where that basketball career will be over. These kid’s lives can change forever. And that’s something that will continue to go on even after I’m done playing basketball. So I’m doing anything I can for the community and anything I can for the world ― makes me feel a lot better.”

-Dwight Howard

Via Blavity