Noire Care Launches to Teach Black Women The Power of Self-Care

Noire Care, created by Tina Shoulders, is a website where Black women can gain access to tools for practicing self-care.

Shoulders was inspired to create the website when she noticed how many of her fellow Black women were dealing with mental health issues.

“All of my close friends were struggling to find some ‘me time’ and, so, one day I did a survey and asked friends on Facebook and Twitter to tell me what they were doing for self care. The answers from the survey actually designed this platform.”

-Tina Shoulders

The slogan for Noire Care is: “What have you done for you lately?” This pushes back against the narrative of black women always having to be “strong” for the sake of others.

Shoulders also advocates for all Black women to practice self-care:

“That goes from the sis that works at the strip club, sis in the projects, mama with ‘all the kids with different daddies,’ to the teachers, lawyers, authors, CEOs and execs. We need to define self care as a community that leaves no woman behind regardless of economics or social norms. We need to share resources, affirmations, free yoga workshops, free apps, hair tips, books and conversation around giving ourselves permission to take time for ourselves.”

In the future, Noire Care plans to have meetups, self-care workshops, and a support network where visitors can share resources with each other.

Check out Noire Care here.

Via Huff Post Black Voices