On September 12, 1977, Stephen Biko was Killed by Afrikaner Police

Stephen Biko, one of the most well-known anti-apartheid activists in South Africa, died on September 12, 1977, after he was beaten by Afrikaner (white ruling-class) Police.

Afrikaner police originally claimed that Biko died of a hunger strike, however, an autopsy revealed that Biko died from a brain hemorrhage, which was due to being struck multiple times in the head. Afrikaner police claimed that the head injuries were self-inflicted, and the cops faced no charges. It was not until 1997 that five officers admitted that they killed Mr. Biko.

Stephen Biko was a Black nationalist who “believed that the development of black culture and identity (i.e., black consciousness) would lead black liberation from apartheid.” Biko founded the Black Consciousness Movement, which taught Black pride and rejected “white ruling-class values.”

Biko undoubtedly made many sacrifices, including his life, for the upliftment of Black people. PushBlack salutes him and all his efforts to liberate Black South Africans from apartheid.

Via The New York Times