#BlackGirlMagic: Jessica Matthews Raised $7 Million for Her Tech Startup

Jessica Mathews, the founder of Uncharted Play, which is a renewable energy tech startup, has secured $7 million in funding.

Uncharted Play creates “energy-generating play products that power and empower communities worldwide.” The mission of the company is to “spread awareness about global energy and clean power through technology and play.”

Uncharted Play currently has two products, the SOCCKET and The PULSE. The SOCCKET is a portable, power generating soccer ball, which uses energy created when the ball rolls to produce light. The PULSE is a power-generated jump rope, which also provides light.

“We envision a world where people shift from a ‘hoard & save’ energy mentality to a ‘continuous and on­-demand’ energy experience.”

Via Blavity