During Jim Crow, Black Americans Created a Travelers’ Book

During Jim Crow, it was a dangerous time to travel while Black. Jim Crow laws mandated that all public places in the South were strictly separate for whites and Black people.

Lynchings were a tactic that white racists used in order to keep racial segregation in order. When Black folks were traveling, the threat of being lynched was a constant worry.

In 1936, to help Black folks travel safely,  a postal worker named Victor Green began publishing a guide to help Black travelers find safe places to stay, eat, and even get car service repair.

“Though the Green Book was a life-saving tool at the time, it’s also a vivid reminder of just how discrimination and prejudice made — and still make — the world much smaller and less free.”

When Green first published the book, he said that there would soon be a time in which the guide would not have to be published.

However, as reported in a recent PushBlack round-up, startup companies have launched in order to fight back against Airbnb’s discrimination.

Via Washington Post