Civil Rights Lawyers Arrested While Filming Police

Arkansas State Rep. John Walker, 79, along with fellow lawyer, Omavi Kushukuru, 29, were arrested by Little Rock police for “obstructing governmental operations.”

An unconfirmed report suggests that Walker and Kushukuru were photographing the police during an arrest or traffic stop at about 11:30am.

The irony behind this is that State Rep. John Walker championed legislation that gave citizens a clear right to photograph events that take place in public.

Unfortunately this isn’t the first time Walker was arrested for filming the police.

“In 1998, Walker was driving with his daughter and two grandchildren and stopped to observe a traffic stop of young black men by white Pine Bluff police officers. Walker parked and walked across the street to observe the encounter. An officer walked over and asked him what he was doing and Walker stated that he was watching “Pine Bluff’s finest in action.” Walker was arrested for “obstructing governmental operations” and then, according to Walker’s testimony, the officer “drove Walker at varying speeds over dark wooded roads to the police station.” Walker was never charged and successfully sued the city of Pine Bluff.”
Thankfully both Walker and Kushukuru were released on $1,000 bonds.

Via Ark Times