The Daughter of an Enslaved African Man Opened the First National Black History Museum

On Saturday September 24, 2016, the National Black History Museum opened in Washington, D.C.

The event was led by the first Black president in America, and helping Obama was Ruth Bonner, a 99-year-old daughter of an enslaved African man.

Ruth rang the Freedom Bell, which was from the first Baptist Black church that was founded by enslaved Africans.

“Ruth’s father, Elijah Odom, was born into servitude in Mississippi. He was born a slave. As a young boy, he ran, through, to his freedom. He lived through Reconstruction and he lived through Jim Crow. But he went on to farm, and graduate from medical school, and gave life to the beautiful family that we see today ― with a spirit reflected in beautiful Christine, free and equal in the laws of her country and in the eyes of God.”

Via Huffitington Post