Alfred Olango, a Mentally Ill Black Man, was Killed by Police


Alfred Olango, a mentally ill Black man, was unarmed when he was killed by El Cajon police. There are conflicting reports of what happened. Some have said that Olango was suffering seizures and others have said that he was wandering aimlessly through traffic.

It is clear that Alfred Olango needed medical attention, however, yet again, the police have killed another person who simply needed help.

“This same story happened with Michael Noel. It happened with Anthony Hill. It happened with Antonio Zambrano-Montes.”

The police have an ugly history with killing people with mental illnesses.

“Some studies show that as many as 50% of the people who are shot and killed by American police were mentally ill men and women who were suffering a medical emergency. This is a systemic failure. Our whole country is failing.”

We need more mental health professionals as it is clear that the police do not know how to help those in crisis.

Via New York Daily News