Today is the 50th Anniversary of Botswana’s Independence Day


50 years ago today, Botswana gained independence from Britain. Independence came shortly after leaders in Botswana organized for political power. For instance, the Bechuanaland People’s Party (BPP) was formed and its immediate goal was independence.

After the BPP was founded, another more moderate party – the Bechuanaland Democratic Party (BDP) – which was formed in 1962, developed a schedule for independence.

“They promoted the transfer of the capital into the country (from Mafeking to Gaborone), drafted a new non racial constitution and set up a countdown to independence to allow a peaceful transfer of power. General elections were held in 1965 and Seretse Khama was elected president. On 30 September 1966, the country, now called the Republic of Botswana, gained independence.”

Since independence, Botswana has had a booming economy and the country has experienced relative peace in comparison to other African countries. This is largely due to the constitution guaranteeing freedom of “speech, association, press and religion, as well as equal rights.”

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Via: The Lonely Planet