Black Milwaukeeans Create Mobile Grocery Store to Serve Disadvantaged Communities


In Milwaukee, some neighborhoods don’t have access to fresh food. In order to combat the lack of access to food, a few residents launched Market Boxx. The project is designed to bring fresh produce to the community, and also help facilitate the growth of entrepreneurs.

Market Boxx has been in the works for years, however, folks like Naurice Fitzgerald have gotten involved to spark change in the community. The killing of Sylville Smith by police influenced his desire to be a part of positive change.

“I was really close to him. I was with him the day before he got killed and the day before that because it was my birthday.”

-Naurice Fitzgerald

In fact, Naurice met co-founder Jay Holmes at a protest for Sylville Smith.

“We want to catch our young adults at that age and give them a chance to do anything.”

-Jay Holmes

The primary goal of Market Boxx is to build stronger and healthier communities.

“People need better access to fresh affordable food and because we can focus the communities earning power and dollars into things that help make us healthy and also help create jobs in our own community.”

-Jay Holmes