Nicki Minaj Wants Society To Stop Shaming Black Women’s Bodies



Nicki Minaj has never been shy about speaking up against entertainment industry double standards, and this time she is taking on the policing of black women’s bodies.

In an interview with writer and activist Janet Mock, Nicki details the backlash she received for the album art for her 2014 smash hit single “Anaconda.”

After Kim Kardashian’s “internet breaking” nude photo came out that same year, Nicki noted the hypocrisy of people such as Sharon Osbourne, who had criticized her own nude album art but praised Kim’s.

While Nicki laments the fact that Black women receive criticism for the same things White women are applauded for, she affirms her commitment to shutting down hypocrites and continuing to do as she pleases. Now that’s what we consider a carefree black girl!

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Via Huffington Post