50 Years After the Founding of the Black Panther Party, Some Panthers are Still Incarcerated

When folks hear that there are political prisoners in America, they will often times  look at you in disbelief. Yet as we are celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Black Panther Party, there are Black Panthers who are still incarcerated from the COINTELPRO era.

“Political prisoners are part of the Black Panther Party legacy. Some former members have been behind bars 40 years. In some cases, court documents show they were punished essentially for being in the black liberation struggle.”

Former Panthers such as Jalil Muntaqim and Herman Bell have been held longer than Nelson Mandela was held during Apartheid in South Africa. Both Bell and Muntaqim were sentenced to 25 years, however, they are routinely denied parole because of their role in the Black Liberation struggle.

Some Panthers such as Albert “Nuh” Washington as well as Mondo we Langa unfortunately have died behind bars .

Movements have started to advocate and help free them. The Jericho Movement, which was started behind bars by Jalil Muntaqim, has advocated for the release of all political prisoners.

“The Jericho Movement grew out of a call for a national march on the White House during Spring Break of 1998 by political prisoner Jalil Muntaqim. The call was made in October of 1996 through the Provisional Government–RepubIic of New Afrika and the New Afrikan Liberation Front, but the organizers decided to use this opportunity to jumpstart a much needed movement to build a national support organization for political prisoners in general.”

Here at PushBlack, we are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther Party. However, while we are celebrating the remarkable history of the Party, it’s important to keep in mind and support political prisoners from the Party.

Via Democracy Now

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