It happened again

It happened again.

A racist won the election, but this movement is so much bigger than candidates. We PushBlack because Black Lives Matter. Whether it’s an election or not, we’re going to continue to affirm that our lives matter by providing black news, connecting our past to our present, and growing our community of subscribers.

Many of us are reeling at the thought of a Trump presidency. Some of us are pissed. Others are disillusioned. Even more are energized to keep the fight for black liberation moving forward.

No matter who sits in the Oval Office, we will continue – as we always have – to fight for our freedom in this country!

Black people put forth some transformative, innovative, and down-right dope organizing all over the country. As usual, we carried the country on our back.

With your support, PushBlack connected with over 150,000 black voters this election season. Through email and text message, we talked about more than the election. Subscribers told us about new tactics they were using to build black power, about their hopes, and about events they were planning in their cities.

PushBlack will continue to build a force of independent black political power. There’s plenty we can do. Tonight, our friends at are hosting gatherings all around the nation to fight against Donald Trump’s bigotry. Click here to find one near you.

All in all, there’s still work to do and we’ll be right there with you to do it. Let’s PushBlack against hate.

The PushBlack team is sending you love and light.