It Goes Down on Black Twitter

While Facebook fights to control the fake news swarming its site, PushBlack turns the spotlight on Black Twitter – – which uses its own tactics to ward off imposter profiles. It’s no surprise that #BlackTwitter has been a source of refuge, information and healing for the Black community. Which is why white supremacist groups have tried to infiltrate the collective with false stories and fake profiles. The hashtag, #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions, may be laughable at first glance but speaks to a theme that’s all too recurring: the infiltration of Black political movements from the inside-out.

[Read here] to see how Black activism has been targeted today, [and here] to read about the historical implications of COINTELPRO. And, of course, if you just want to laugh – [pop this top] to see highlights from #BlackTwitterVerificationQuestions.

Via Huffington Post, Hip Hop Wired, and The Guardian.