Progress for Black Political Power

While the need for Black political power could not come at a more opportune time, we wanted to share some positivity as young millennials continue to break ground in the realm of public service. Just last month and at the age of 21, Jewell Jones became the youngest member of the Michigan state legislature as a representative for District 11. In an interview with Blavity, Jones shared the following remarks:

“Politics is like real estate. It’s lots of moving pieces in it. If you play it right, it’s [a lot] of resources you can bring back to the citizens.”

As we transition administrations, groups at both the state and federal level are calling for more representation in government bodies. While the 114th Congress is the most diverse in history, Congress remains disproportionately White when compared with the U.S. population. For this reason, groups like the Senate Black Legislative Caucus has organized advocacy efforts to increase diversity amongst staff on the Hill, in addition, groups like the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation offer internship and fellowship programs to train our next generation of leaders. PushBlack congratulates the progress of young activists like Jewell Jones and urges others to get involved in their local political processes.

Via Blavity