A Well-Deserved Honor

Viola Davis secures a well-deserved spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

This week, Davis, who has graced the screen in “Fences,” “How to Get Away with Murder” and
“Hidden Figures” (to name a few) was recognized for her achievements with one of the most iconic honors of all time. Bravo, sister. Bravo.

But while a vast majority of our Black icons are still not on the walk – even including some noteables like Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston, we did some digging to find out just how celebrities are chosen for this historical honor.

Apparently, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce allows “anyone, including a fan” to nominate a celebrity for the honor so long as the celebrity or his/her management is in agreement with the nomination. Upon selection, the chosen celebrity must pay the Chamber a certain amount of money for the creation and installation of the star. Well, this sounds pretty easy if you’ve got access to the stars. Maybe we can pool our resources and get one of our Brothers and Sisters the honor they deserve!

Via The Root