Rise Up, Revolt! The Largest Slave Rebellions in Recorded History

The largest slave rebellions included the Stono Rebellion (South Carolina, 1739), the New York Conspiracy (1741), Gabriel’s Rebellion (Richmond, Virginia, 1800), Deslondes’s Rebellion (or, “German Coast Uprising,” Louisiana 1811), Fort Blount (Florida, 1816), Vesey’s Rebellion (Charleston, South Carolina, 1822), Nat Turner’s Rebellion (Southhampton County, Virginia, 1831), the Amistad Mutiny (slave ship, 1839), and the Creole Revolt (slave ship, 1841).

These revolts show that the enslaved did not align with America’s economic order with ease. Rather, they strategized,organized and resisted throughout the colonies. While revolts were often followed by an increase  in restrictive practices, beatings and even deaths of those who participated and organized, the unrelenting fervor demonstrated a stubborness for subordination and inspires our continued resistance today.