5 Reasons Why America’s Founding Fathers Were #TrifeAF

Every year, on President’s Day and on the birthdays of some of our country’s former presidents, people celebrate…while the rest of us know the deal and carry on anyway. Here are five reasons why America’s Founding Fathers are #TrifeAF.

Reason #1: The father-of-the-year award does NOT go to Thomas Jefferson. 

Jefferson wrote “all men are created equal,” yet fathered six children by his slave, Sally Hemings. Not to mention, Hemings was but a teenager and allegedly the daughter of of John Wayles –Jefferson’s father-in-law. #TrifeAF

Reason #2: Benjamin Franklin admittedly slept with #women of low character.”


Reason #3: John Adams regularly drank beer for breakfast.


Reason #4: Of the nine presidents who owned slaves, George Washington was the only one to free them.

Reason #5: As Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander Hamilton had a one-year affair with Maria Reynolds….and paid Maria’s husband (James Reynolds) blackmail money in order to maintain secrecy.