#BlackAtWork – Havas Chicago Edition

Corporate America comes with its challenges — namely, being a “minority” in a “majority” environment. From cultural incompetency to downright ignorance, the stories shared amongst Black colleagues on their interactions with white colleagues are laughable, at best.

But implicit bias in the boardroom has other effects – like fewer Black hires, promotions and even shading in the delegation of responsibility. These have real consequences that impact our community’s ability to achieve economic progress – and they’re counterintuitive to a country that preaches supposed messages of equality.

Through Havas Chicago’s “jobstacle course,” employees are led through “clever copy and bright typography that is drawn from the experiences of Black Havas Chicago colleagues.” For example, the “Beam of Perception” navigates the complexities of stereotypical labels of “angry” versus “lazy” as related to job performance, as well as questions typically posed by white colleagues: “can you teach me how to dougie?”

Their exhibit acknowledges our current issues of race-relations and actually does something about it. Kudos to Havas.

See more of the exhibit here.

Via Blavity