Hey Sister, Soul Sister

It’s not news that Solange’s latest album is an ode to the Black woman. But her recent partnership with Crowe for a live braiding show was an epic showcase of the intricacies, beauty and historical roots of Black hair. With beautiful artistry, Crowe weaved braid patterns to remind us just how powerful – and beautiful – our roots are.

However, as discussed by the article’s author, intricate braid styles are often worn by younger – rather than older – Black women. “They are typically seen as juvenile on Black women. In some instances, fear of professional discrimination or social ridicule keeps Black women from being more experimental with cornrows.”

But as cultural appropriation continues to move on the up-and-up, perhaps we should reclaim ALL that is ours and rock our roots – both young and old – in the intricate patterns woven by our ancestors.

Via Black Girl Long Hair