Where’s the Michael Jordan & Serena Williams of tech? Jewel Burks answers

Jewel Burks, founder of @Partpic, a visual search for replacement parts, and Entrepreneur in Residence at Google, curated a list of tech-industry innovators who have met (or exceeded) the talent, popularity, levels of support, and monetary riches within their respective fields.

According to Jewel, “these people have what it takes.” Some of them have already built a product, hired a team, retained a team, acquired customers and raised money – – some of the most difficult aspects of starting a business. Others are in the beginning stages – they have the ideas and need our support.

Jewel selected her list because of their “brilliance, resilience, and drive” personally inspired her journey as a founder. As a founder herself that has navigated an exit from corporate America and the roller-coaster of the start-up ecosystem, we trust Jewel’s endorsements and think you should too.

Are you a budding entrepreneur, tech junkie, or just someone looking for a bit of inspiration?

Check out Jewel’s curated list which features Black tech entrepreneurs like Rodney Williams, the Founder of Lisnr – a communication protocol sending data over audio, Emeka Anen the Founder of Throne – the #1 streetwear and sneaker app in the appstore, and Ofo Ezeugwu, the Founder of WYL – a tool that helps renters learn more about their landlords before signing leases…just to name a few.

Jewel has curated a list of over 45 Black tech-preneurs that are changing the industry. Although the tech space continues to be underrepresented by communities of color, these innovative pioneers are changing that landscape in real time.

Make sure you check out the full list here for some inspiration and knowledge on the next big thing.

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