A Day without Black People: How Black Inventions Have Revolutionized Life As We Know It

We’ve had a day without immigrants and a day without women. But what about a day without Black people?

Far too often, our contributions are neither recognized nor respected like they should. That’s why we’re highlighting some formidable inventions that have changed the landscape of this society.

Garrett Morgan: invented of the traffic signal and gas mask.

George Crum: invented the potato chip.

James Forten: revolutionized the sail-making business.

Lonnie Johnson: invented the “Super Soaker” toy.

Lewis Latimer: invented the (long-lasting) light bulb and drafted the drawings that helped Alexander Graham Bell receive a patent for the telephone.

Otis Boykin: invented resistors for pacemakers.

Richard Spikes: invented an automatic gear shift.

George Carruthers: invented the “Far Ultraviolent Camera/Spectograph,” the first moon-based observatory and is responsible for picturing Haley’s Comet for the first time.

Robert Pelham: invented tallying machine for the Census.

Elijah McCoy: invented an automatic lubricator for oiling steam engines, allowing trains to run faster and longer without stopping for maintenance; the originator of “the real McCoy.”

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