[12.16.15] PushBlack Now

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders sat down for a six-part interview, Black students close high school graduation gap, Marine Corps approves twists and locs, Jury deadlocked in Freddie Gray case.

[12.15.15] PushBlack Now

This is absurd. Another black person was accosted and threatened at a Trump rally, Fatima Robinson working with “The Wiz Live” producers on new TV series, Mexico recognizes 1.38 million Afro-Mexicans, Serena Williams named 2015 sportsperson of the year

[12.14.15] PushBlack Now

There has been a recent wave of political violence in Burundi, Check out Serena Williams, Misty Copeland, and Simone Biles re-imagined as Marvel superheroes, This local NAACP chapter is standing up for Linwood Lambert and pushing back against police violence, Chance The Rapper becomes the first independent artist to perform on SNL

[12.11.15] PushBlack Now

Former cop sentenced to 263 years for sexually assaulting 13 black women, Black students troll Supreme Court affirmative action case on Twitter with #StayMadAbby, FLOTUS on the track!

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[12.10.15] PushBlack Now

Chicagoans take to the streets to call for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s resignation, This lawyer is challenging Jamaica’s anti-gay laws, Affirmative Action is being challenged in the Supreme Court

[12.09.15] PushBlack Now

Food deserts are alive and well, Bernie Sanders visited Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, #BlackLivesMatter activists aim to reform police unions, Queen Latifah and Lee Daniels to work together on new pilot.

PushBlack: A Guide to the Student Protests Sweeping the Country

At PushBlack, we draw a lot of our inspiration from the black newspapers and magazines of the 1950s and 60s, which often served as megaphones for the Civil Rights Movement and black liberation. We like to think of ourselves as continuing their tradition but with 21st century tools and tactics.

All the lessons learned on starting your own business.

Usually around February (aka Black History Month) when we’re stumbling over the third verse of “Lift Every Voice and Sing” and quoting MLK’s “I Have A Dream” speech with so much vigor, at least one person will pay homage to badass female millionaire #1: Madam CJ Walker. Walker wasn’t just a trailblazing businesswoman, she also was the first black person …

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President Obama sets record straight about Black Lives Matter.

“President Barack Obama on Thursday gave a strong defense of Black Lives Matter, arguing that the movement’s concerns about racial disparities in the criminal justice system are legitimate. He also clarified that the cause doesn’t claim, as some critics allege, that only black lives matter — but rather that black lives are emphasized in the movement’s slogan because black lives …