PushBlack: A Guide to the Student Protests Sweeping the Country

At PushBlack, we draw a lot of our inspiration from the black newspapers and magazines of the 1950s and 60s, which often served as megaphones for the Civil Rights Movement and black liberation. We like to think of ourselves as continuing their tradition but with 21st century tools and tactics.

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President Obama sets record straight about Black Lives Matter.

“President Barack Obama on Thursday gave a strong defense of Black Lives Matter, arguing that the movement’s concerns about racial disparities in the criminal justice system are legitimate. He also clarified that the cause doesn’t claim, as some critics allege, that only black lives matter — but rather that black lives are emphasized in the movement’s slogan because black lives …

The top 5 LGBT issues of 2015, revisited.

In January, Colorlines reported on the top 5 LGBT issues of 2015. After this year’s monumental Supreme Court decision to support marriage equality, what’s next on the list? “This year promises to be an important one for LGBT communities. The Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals is poised to strike down same-sex marriage bans in the South, one of the last …

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Reagan always knew what was best for black people.

…Or at least, he thought he did. One side praises his economic policy, the other side remembers him for skyrocketing black incarceration rates and illegal weapons dealing. Did you know he also vetoed the Anti Apartheid Act? As presidential hopefuls actively compare themselves to the famed actor, keep in mind what else they may stand for.

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If not 40 acres and a mule, then what?

Ta-Nehisi Coates published his feature “The Case For Reparations” in the Atlantic last year. This highly detailed argument spans 10 chapters. You can check out a 25-minute video of him discussing the issue. After the first 5 minutes, you won’t stop watching.