[12.22.15] PushBlack Now

At least 1,152 people have been killed by police this year, Hermione to be played by a black woman in upcoming play, Mystery surrounds death of Somali-American teenager

[12.21.15] PushBlack Now

Judge sets trial date for wrongful death of Sandra Bland, Civil Rights Activists, who helped desegregate Arkansas schools, passes away at 90 years old, In some parts of Africa and Asia 7% of the population could be cut off from social media

[12.18.15] PushBlack Now

A coalition of Black Student Unions are calling for prison divestment, New Orleans to remove 4 Confederate statues, Serena Williams shares her story in powerful speech.

[12.17.15] PushBlack Now

Mistrial declared in first Freddie Gray case, Baltimore police are cracking down on protesters demanding justice for Freddie Gray, Sign this petition asking State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to “keep pursuing justice and accountability for the killing of Freddie Gray.”

[12.16.15] PushBlack Now

Killer Mike and Bernie Sanders sat down for a six-part interview, Black students close high school graduation gap, Marine Corps approves twists and locs, Jury deadlocked in Freddie Gray case.

[12.15.15] PushBlack Now

This is absurd. Another black person was accosted and threatened at a Trump rally, Fatima Robinson working with “The Wiz Live” producers on new TV series, Mexico recognizes 1.38 million Afro-Mexicans, Serena Williams named 2015 sportsperson of the year

[12.14.15] PushBlack Now

There has been a recent wave of political violence in Burundi, Check out Serena Williams, Misty Copeland, and Simone Biles re-imagined as Marvel superheroes, This local NAACP chapter is standing up for Linwood Lambert and pushing back against police violence, Chance The Rapper becomes the first independent artist to perform on SNL

[12.11.15] PushBlack Now

Former cop sentenced to 263 years for sexually assaulting 13 black women, Black students troll Supreme Court affirmative action case on Twitter with #StayMadAbby, FLOTUS on the track!

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[12.10.15] PushBlack Now

Chicagoans take to the streets to call for Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s resignation, This lawyer is challenging Jamaica’s anti-gay laws, Affirmative Action is being challenged in the Supreme Court

[12.09.15] PushBlack Now

Food deserts are alive and well, Bernie Sanders visited Freddie Gray’s neighborhood, #BlackLivesMatter activists aim to reform police unions, Queen Latifah and Lee Daniels to work together on new pilot.