Our Mission

PushBlack's mission is to inspire Black people to take liberating actions in the best interest of their community.

That means we create compelling media on the richness of Black life and history that inspires people to take actions benefiting Black communities culturally, economically, and politically.

We believe as the community’s understanding of their history and current conditions increases, so will:

  1. Their desire to take action to improve their conditions, and
  2. Their trust in PushBlack to connect them with liberating actions.

Once a critical mass of the community consistently takes liberating actions, they will build a liberated world.

Our Vision

PushBlack envisions a world where Black liberation is a reality for all Black people. This means we strive for:

  • The Power

    to practice collective self-determination, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.

  • The Ability

    for all Black people to love and value themselves and one another on their own terms.

  • The Control

    of the institutions we rely on to participate in society.

  • The Freedom

    to exercise collective social, political, and economic autonomy. ​

  • The Opportunity

    for all Black people to live up to their full human potential.

Our Strategy

We are building a mass media network that amplifies Black voices, inspires collective action, and paves the way for Black Liberation to thrive at a systems-wide level.

Our approach consists of three key objectives:

Pursue Black Liberation by scaling media presence

Pursue Black Liberation by scaling media presence

As we scale our media presence to reach more people across more platforms, we seek to amplify our narrative impact and inspire millions more individuals to address community challenges.

Activate stakeholders toward Black Liberation

Activate stakeholders toward Black Liberation

Through our compelling storytelling and mobilization efforts, we seek to build voting power, embrace police alternatives and promote other civic and political actions in the best interests of the Black communities.

Activate stakeholders toward Black Liberation

Model Black Liberation in the workplace

We prioritize exemplifying Black liberation within our own organization and beyond by creating an environment that embraces agency, diversity, and empowerment.

Our Impact

As the #1 trusted media source for millions of Black Americans, we're able to drive massive, unprecedented civic engagement.


Our Team

We are a dedicated and dynamic team of dozens of storytellers, digital organizers, problem solvers, and advocates located across the United States. Our passionate team members share a profound appreciation of Black history, culture, and values on both personal and professional levels.

Funding & Ownership

As a non-profit organization, our work is fueled by the unwavering support of our subscribers as well as the generosity of our philanthropic partners and institutional funders. They are the driving forces behind our ability to deliver meaningful change.

This support plays a vital role in sustaining our work, expanding our reach, and imagining new possibilities for impact. We hope you get involved and support our movement. For more information about partnerships, please contact our Development Manager, Samaya Abdus-Salaam, at [email protected].